SAT Preparation for South Florida

“Even though I knew I had great grades, I also knew I needed better than a 1300 to get into Duke.  All I can say is, Mr. Dreeson is the man when it comes to the SAT.  He makes you look at the test in a different way and he gives you a lot of confidence in attacking and solving the questions.”


Tamara Pardo, Valedictorian

Miami Beach Senior High, ’99

Duke and Cornell Universities


“Our son, Luca, wanted to increase his SAT score to better his chances of getting into college.  Mr. Dreeson was exceptionally organized in getting Luca prepared for his test.  He increased his score almost 150 points.  We were very happy.”


Franco and Sally Turci

Parents of Luca Turci

Florida State University ’97


“The SAT was the only thing which would have prevented me from attending the University of Miami.  My coaches told me to get some tutoring from Mr. D[reeson].  I owe him a lot.  I’m doing pretty good now!”


Duane Starks

Miami Beach Senior High ’92

Cornerback, NFL